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“From Bar to Bar has been publishing some of the more creative author interviews you’re likely to find anywhere.”
Jeff VanderMeer

“From Bar to Bar continues to run the oddest interviews I’ve ever read. This time around, it’s Mark Charan Newton, the author of Nights of Villjamur, who is the interviewee. One of these days I’m going to sit down and read this entire website from stem to stern, because these interviews are just amazing. I hope someday I get to meet Tibor Moricz, the interviewer; I think he’s got a great, weird and wonderful mind.”
Terry Weyna – Reading the leaves

“It was a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised at the final outcome! Definitely makes a chance to the usual interview format.”
Mark Charan Newton


The invitees are many and the answers start coming slowly. Up to now we have three interviewees confirmed: Libby Ginway, Jean-Claude Dunyach and Gwineth Jones. The interviews will be published as soon as the answers for the interviews arrive.

I want to thank Kim Newman for his support. His help, contacting other British authors has been fundamental. I also thank all those who have accepted the From Bar to Bar challenge.

I am open to reader’s indications, pointing out writers and opinion makers who are connected to genre literature for future interviews. Much better yet if these indications come with the e-mail of those nominated.

Beware! There are lots of news reserved for the next days.