The idea of creating this blog came naturally.

I believe that expanding the frontiers of my interviews, exploring new contexts and new cultures is a natural consequence of the success of the interviews conducted on De Bar in Bar.

There are many and varied opportunities awaiting for me beyond the borders of my own country. Exploiting them is a must. After all, literature is almost the same anywhere on the planet.

Furthermore, these interviews allow me to test the quantum watch I got from an old watchmaker. There are countless possibilities for changed realities that I have the opportunity to explore.

The mechanism is simple enough. Both interviewee and the interviewer are placed in an alternate reality where they will have to face great danger or moments of great tension while the interview takes place. There is no control on the scene since the quantum watch began making disparities.

There is always the alternative for an invited author to refuse the interview, but it would be disappointing for hundreds of avid readers.

Then, be all prepared. You may be summoned at any time for an interview where both the interviewee’s and the interviewer’s lives won’t worth much.

Booo… you are invited!