If Tom Wolfe created the New Journalism, mixing literary techniques with the traditional, dispassionate way of reporting, Tibor Moricz will go into history as the creator of the short story interview. To me it was very fun to answer the questions and imagine what kind of scenario the infamous quantum wristwatch would take us. It is nice innovation in the stagnate sea of web interviews and I look forward for the next guests in new, crazy worlds.
Jorge Luis Calife

In the few months that I’ve been aware of From Bar to Bar and its interviews of authors and critics of SF from across the globe, I have found myself looking forward to seeing what next adventure sets up the interview that follows.  It stands out in a crowded field with its nice mixture of humor, craziness, and interesting questions and it certainly has been one of the earlier pro-Squirrelist venues out there!
Larry Nolen

From Bar to Bar is a fascinating and novel idea for the cyberspace interview: don’t change a word of the material the interviewee provided, but set your imagination free and change everything else! It’s an effect of lighting, decor and staging, provided (as, essentially, in all virtual worlds) by the word alone. Any writer (or any arts professional) who volunteers can be certain of gaining new insight into their own work, and seeing themselves in a new light, in the glittering refractions of the Bar to Bar hall of mirrors.
Gwyneth Jones

It’s really encouraging to see the interviewed authors saying good things about From Bar to Bar, even though they have all faced great danger. Nothing like a little adrenaline to make life more exciting 🙂