The rhythm and the frequency of the interviews on the From Bar to Bar depend on the amount of “yes” or “no” I receive from the contacted writers. Not everybody agrees on being the main character in a fantastic history. But I can’t complain. I have had great acceptance and good feedback. That shows me this format of interviews is in the right path.

I’m not against the traditional format of questions and answers, but I think that the readers have the right to enjoy themselves while they get to know the author and his ideas. And there is no better place than a fantastic scenery with real dangers (yes, the interviews are true; they don’t happen just in my imagination. Ask those who have risked their necks).

Gwyneth Jones, Roberto de Sousa Causo and Mark Charan Newton precede two other well-known authors who are already saying goodbye to friends and parents in a mix of sadness and excitement. Those names I’ll keep under lock and key. You’ll know them very soon. Just wait.