Finally, after much work, From Bar to Bar gets its own space. Here, interviews with international authors who are well known will take place. The same interview will be published in Portuguese on the De bar em bar blog, for those whose English knowledge is not the best (like me).

I want very much to thank Adriano Fromer Piazzi, editor of Editora Aleph and admirer of the De Bar em Bar blog, who made this first interview possible, mediating contact with Kim Newman. I also want to thank my nephew, Daniel Moricz, for the commitment to support the blog, providing English/Portuguese and Portuguese/English translations and versions, to Daniel Borba (reviews) and to DelRey Delfin, Luis Filipe Silva, Marcello Branco and Romeu Martins (elaboration of questions) for the invaluable collaboration. Without them these interviews would undoubtedly be poorer.

I also thank Kim Newman. He risked his life in a dangerous interview, with courage that few possess. Sorry for the dangers, man.

And thanks also to all those who have followed the evolution of this format of interviews, giving me the confidence to make it extrapolate borders.